Anchor, Anchor Chain and Deck Fitting
Anchor Type: Baldt, Danforth H.H.P, AC-14, U.S.A Admiralty, Hall Japan Sockless ETC
Anchor Chain: Diameter up to 162mm
Deck Fitting: JIS Standard Panama Chock, Deck Mounting Chock, Roller, Fairlead, Chain Stopper, Bollards

Deck Machinery (Capstan, Davit, Winch & Motor and Hoist).
Capstan Type: Air,  Electrical and Hydraulic
Davit Type: Air and Electrical
Winch & Motor: Air Winch, Electrical winch capacity up to 5000kg
Hoist: Chain Block, Level Block, Trolley, Pulling Clamp, Low Headroom Hoist and Electrical Chain Hoist

Marine Valves and Pipe Fitting.
All type of JIS, ANSI & DIN Standard Marine Valves (Ball V/V , Butterfly V/V, Check V/V, Forged Steel V/V,  Globe V/V Gate V/V, Pressure Reducing Safety V/V, Quick Closing V/V, ETC)             
Air vent Head, Expansion Bellow & Strainer
Air Vent Head, Dresser Coupling, Expansion Bellow, All Type of Strainer (Duplex Strainer, Simplex Oil Strainer, Mud Boxes, Water Strainer, Steel Plate Strainer, “Y” & “T” Type Strainer, Bucket Strainer)

Level Gauging System & Level Instruments
Cargo Monitoring System
High & Overfill Alarm System
Tank Level & Draft Gauging System (Elec-Pneumatic or Elec-Pressure Type)
Level Switch & Level Gauge

Life Boat and Davit
Lift Boat up to 150 Persons, Rescue Boat up to 25 Persons and comply to SOLAS Rule.
Hinged Gravity Type Davit, Platform Type Davit, Freefall Type Davit Single Arm Type Davit

Stern Tube & Stern Roller.
Stern Roller : 50 Tons, 150 Tons, 250 Tons, 300 Tons

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